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Coil Over Plug


It’s come to my attention of late that  when it comes to diagnosing a miss in the Falcon engine most mechanics find it easier to remove and replace all the ignition coils. Now I would be the first to agree that this is the easiest way around a miss that developes suddenly in your Falcon. Run the test find a code that says a miss in the coils and then replace all the coils.

Well at anything between $30 and $80 a coil go ahead if dollars don’t mean anhyting to you, but hey, most of us need all the dollars we can get, and most times there is nothing wrong with the rest of the coils that you are throwing in the bin.

Most coils will last for at least 15000ks indeed we have one set that has done overe 300,000ks so you could be throwing away a hundred thousand k’s or more of motoring. Now the saving could do a few nice things; like take your wife out to dinner, buy a couple of tanks of petrol, a new tyre, four cartons of beer, a couple of months service for your mobile phone and such.

Every Falcon owner at some time or another has experienced the dreaded miss in the motor.

Since we specialise in the supply of Ignition coils for the BA BF and FG Falcon we see these stories all the time, good for us if you decide to throw out perfectly good coils, but we really don’t want to see you through your dollars away.

Now we can supply you with the easiest way yet to determine if  any of the coils are faulty.

Simple to use the tool will give you an answer within minutes, which can lead to a substantial savings in diagnostic cost and or the replacement of coils you don’t need by diagnosing the coil still in the car.

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Coil over plug testing equipment

Coil Over Plug