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Problem with cheap Ford BA Ignition Coils


Ba Ignition Coils

During the week I got this unsolicited question from a fellow having a problem BA ignition coils. Wont show his name because its not relevant. This is just for your information. My reply isĀ  at the end of the post.

“My car used to misfire sometimes when cold, this got worse and worse until it was idling rough, and the whole motor misfiring and shaking while driving. I purchased a cheap set of BA ignition coils off ebay (88 bucks) and replaced them. I had a few thousand K’s of perfect idling and acceleration, until suddenly at a set of red lights, like a switch going off, the car just started idling rough again. It is now half as bad as it was before I got the new packs. I contacted the seller who sent me 2 replacement coil packs (his price now dropped from 88 to 59) and they are a different brand/manufacturer than the ones he first sent! I replaced 2 at a time, until I thought I had found the faulty, only to find the only reason it was running smooth was because the engine was so warm from all the trial and error. The next day, it was back to idling rough and misfiring. The ones at (removed but well known retail outlet) were 160, and I thought I was being smart buying cheapies. Will these help?

ba ignition coils
ba falcon coils

Here is my reply

I would imagine the coils you have aren’t strong enough for the job. The misfire in the dedicated gas is usually caused by spark blowout. That can clear as the engine warms up.The cheaper coil and the Genuine Ford coil would be running at around 20,000 volts and proven to be a pain as far as gas converted or in your gas dedicated. I could go on for hours about your problem with BA igniton coils in gas powered cars. Suffice to say you need a stronger coil and you also have to make sure that certain things in your car are good enough to run them. Being a mark 11 you might have to follow my instructions just to be on the safe side. The problem with the back coil is and this is only a guess because I’ve had the problem; sometimes a piece of rubber boot can break off because someone ( me in this case) was a bit heavy handed removing it because it is at an angle when you try to lift the coil. Have a look down the hole, you might need a mirror and you can see.
I hope this is a bit of a help. We have had a lot of success with gas converted and dedicated gas. One of our happiest customers is a taxi operator that couldn’t get any joy until he tried our coils.
I know that sounds like a bit of sales talk but if you read our add you can see we are happy for you to try the coils. If your not satisfied send them back. 99% sure you wont send them back.
Milton Reid
Happy to help if you need to know any more.” End of quote.

As we said we are always happy here at Autotrad to help.

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