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Ford Territory works a treat with Brisk Evo plugs.

Ford Territory works a treat with Brisk Evo plugs.

We see (or hear it all the time) with regards to the FordTerritory not doing the right thing. So it’s a treat to hear of a success with such a cantancarous  (hope I spelt the right) car as the Ford Territory.

A little while ago I had a customer who was planning on doing some really good things with his Ford Territory and wanted a set of plugs and coils. Of course I recommended the Drifter Performance Coil and I also suggested a set of  the Brisk EVO PREMIUM PLUG with the 360 degrees spark gap.

evo premium plug

Well as it turns out, the other day I got some feedback from him and I would really love to thank him for that. It’s always a treat to hear from our customers. (one way or the other) so I have included his email for you information if your thinking of doing something special with your Ford Territory.

The email is in the form of a clip from my email account to show authenticity.

Ford Territory testimonial

I can’t get the picture any bigger so I will repeat the message here so you can read it better.

Hi Milton 

Just thought I would give you an update on the coils and plugs you supplied all is good with those and tuning is in progress so far I am reaching 310 rwk with 60lb injectors all new sensors 13lb boost 3inch exhaust scanner used x4sct through bullet performance next stage is gt3582r turbo core mambo actuator porting on waste gate water methanol injection should boost at 1700rpm should get 750nm at wheels around 370 to 400rwk also a 355 walbro pump will be added 

Thanks for your great coils and i will let you know what times i get when we run it at the drags

Regards mike  cairns  (end message)

Some good info there if your ever inclined to beef up your Territory a little.

Thanks for the feed back Mike all the best in your project.

Your can check out Brisk plugs and what fits your car here

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