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BA Falcon ignition coils

BA Falcon ignition coils

If your a fan of the BA falcon and have driven one for any number of years I know you have had problems with the BA Falcon ignition coils. How would I know that you ask. Well it is the Achilles heel of that car.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved the things for a long time, you might say my blood is blue, but not in the usual sense, and I can say without fear of contradiction my shed is full of Fords, and part of the yard also.

With BA Falcon ignition coils the problem started from the very first drawing Ford did. Now please accept this is only my theorising but I think it has been proven as I will explain later.  For some reason they decided they would put the coils on the top of the motor, an obvious place you say, but then they decided to cover them up with a plastic cover.

We all know heat is the arch enemy of ignition coils, that’s why in the old days they were always as far away from the motor as  we could get them and the BA Falcon ignition coils are no exception, they don’t like heat.

You all know that feeling; your cruising down the road feeling great and then all of a sudden your pride and joy starts complaining. At first its a slight feeling that something is wrong  but then it gets slowly worse either very quickly or over time and next thing you know it is running like it’s on its last legs.

Now you fall into either one of two categories; you haven’t a clue whats going on and don’t really want to know and off you go to your beloved mechanic. Or you have had a bit of experience and know your way around an engine.Of course we are talking about your first ba falcon ignition coils fail experience in this case.

If your of the first kind you drop your car off at the shop and come back next day pay the $600 bill and go on your way as if nothing has happened. If the later you could be there for a couple of days trying this and then trying that and pulling your hair out etc, most of us have done it.

However if you had known, the the BA Falcon ignition coils were the first thing you should have checked, had you known how to, you would have solved the problem within a few minutes and been on your way, still loving one of the nicest cars ever built. I can say that because of all the other marks I have owned and still own in my motoring lifetime.

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BA falcon ignition coils

falcon dreift car
Falcon drifter

Ford ignition coils testing unit.

Ford ignition coils testing unit.

Gone are the days when we needed spark testers, circuit test tools, jumper leads, code testers etc, etc and worst of all someone to help us test our ford ignition coils.
When I first saw this tool I was fascinated enough to buy one and then found it good enough to sell on this website. Such a simple to use tool it was a long time in coming but good old technological advances has brought it here.
So next time you have a feeling that a coil might be had it, or on the way out this is what you do.
In this case of the six cylinder Falcon. Remove the cover from the top of the engine and expose the coils. Start the motor and let it warm up. Most coil problems don’t appear until the engine is warm.
Now read the instructions that come with the testing tool and your good to go. Simply flop the end of the tool onto the top of the coil and watch the lights. Bingo, the culprit is found. Now you can replace the coil or coils and your good to go.

cop tester
Coil over plug testing equipment Click for info.