Turbo Taxi and Autotrad Drifter Coils


For those of you are readers of ‘STREET MACHINE MAGAZINE” you would have read the story by now.

I got a call from this fellow who said his name was Scott but of course not being a subscriber to STREET MACHINE and only picking up a copy now and then on my rotation of magazines ( I usually buy a different one every month until now) I just thought he was a potential customer with a problem. I get lots of calls like that and welcome most of them. lol

We talked for a while and he told me his story about the Turbo Taxi and he ordered a set of coils from me.  As you can expect we get a lot of customers at Autotrad  and of course most of them have a problem and we try to help as much as we can, but I must admit I have never heard the specs for a car as Scott had told me, but hey, we’ve fixed lots of E-gas problems before so why would this one be different. Double fuel injectors, of course! three inch exhaust, why not! a much traveled ex Taxi cab , as you do!  (my eyes glazed over ) I listened quietly, nodded sagely and sold him a set of coils since he asked nicely.

I thought I knew a bit about Falcons  and the In-line 4 ltr. engine, no, no, not as much as this fellow obviously but I do know a little about coils and such, so I put in a couple of cents worth.

So pick up a copy of this months “Street Machine Magazine” and you can read all about the Turbo Taxi and Autotrad Drifter Coils. Or you can CLICK HERE  and read it online.

Watch the first video in the series just so you know what it is all about.

So keep your eye on “Street Machine” for the continuance of Carnage; the story of the Turbo Taxi.

Keep it straight,

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