Ford BA BF Falcon Replacement Ignition Coils 6 Pack

Ford BA BF Falcon Replacement Ignition Coils

At Autotrad we specialise in the BA BF Falcon replacement ignition coils for the Ford Falcon car. Though most of our adds are for 6 packs we do on accassions sell individual coils.

We mainly aim our product at the Falcon Performance engines such as the XR6 and XR8. By focusing on these cars we are more able to give better service to that segment. We steer away from the $70 coils as a rule though we do have a lower powered coil for the normal tuned Falcon engine.

For the modefied engine and performance cars we have amied at providing a superior performance ignition coil and an affordable price. But don’t let the price fool you! We are dedicated to bringing you a quality product.

Our Falcon ignition coils are made by a top manufacturer to a high standard that is proving to be exellent in performance and reliability in the BA BF Facons. Compared to the OEM product from Ford we beleive our coils are of superior value for money and performance.

Like they say the proof is in the puddFord BA BF Falcon Replacement Ignition Coilsing and we offer a unique warranty that has no peers. So for you next set of coils for your XR6 or XR8 why not try a set of Drifter coils. If you don’t have any trouble keeping it straight, then you should try a set of Drifters.

Ford BA BF Falcon Replacement Ignition Coils

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