Ford Falcon FG 6cyl DRIFTER PERFORMANCE ignition coils Replaces 8R2U-13A366-AA


Ford Falcon FG 6cyl PERFORMANCE ignition coils Replaces 8R2U-13A366-AA GST & Shipping included.


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FG Performance coil

Back around 2010 there was no such thing as a performance coil for the FG. The only coil available were the OEM coil which was running at around 20/25kv there weren’t even any cheap imported coils. So we decided we would seek out a manufacturer who was producing a performance coil for the FG. There wasn’t any.

Then came our FG Drifter Performance coil for the FG Falcon producing a huge 40kv

There are several problems that you can encounter when you try for the ultimate performance in any engine. In the Falcon XR6 and the Turbo version you have probably had them and don’t really know what is going on. Your mechanic has probably explained the problem, but what can you do about it.

So what is the problem some may ask. The short version is: Increased cylinder pressure that you will encounter in performance engines and particularly the XR6T and Egas engines, can cause the surpression of spark energy which in turn will increase the current flow to the secondary side of the coil.

Plain English. It’s like blowing the spark out. It causes an open circuit condition and the coil stops firing. This is what happens with most coils even the genuine coil, they are  running at 20,000kv and this not enough spark for a performance engine.

If you’re a Turbo owner you may have already struck this problem. The most popular way to fix it is to reduce the spark gap so that the spark doesn’t have as far to jump. This is the usual remedy also used to make your Gas burning engines run better with less backfires. This does work, however reducing the plug gap also reduces the current required to fire the plug, and in turn reduces the intensity of the spark thus in turn robbing the engine of most of its potential. This is where you need your mechanic to help you work out the plug and the gap scenario that you need to make it run well (maybe.)

A high output coil on the other hand, produces a more intense spark and uses less power to do this, in turn allowing for the plug gap to be increased to a wider setting in turn improving burning. More spark more power equals more torque and performance.

Delivering a reliable spark at 40kv+-  this FG DRIFTER coil is built to perform.

If your cars feeling a bit mundane we have the answer.

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