Drifter PERFORMANCE Boss type coil for the BA BF V8 Falcon -Mustang. GST Included Postage included with 2YRS  Unlimited ks warranty and FREIGHT FREE



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boss coil


Drifter Performance Boss 260 type coil for the BA BF V8 Falcon -Mustang. GST Included Express post included


Part numbers 4L73-12A366-AA , 6C1011, EE03A, IF3U-12A366-AA, F7LZ-12029-AA, IF3Z-12029-AA, 4L72-12029-AA


There are several problems that you can encounter when you try for the ultimate performance in any engine. You have probably had them and don’t really know what is going on. Your mechanic has probably explained the problem, but what can you do about it.

So what is the problem some may ask. The short version is: Increased cylinder pressure that you will encounter in performance engines and Egas engines, can cause the suppression of spark energy which in turn will increase the current flow to the secondary side of the coil.

Plain English. It’s like blowing the spark out. It causes an open circuit condition and the coil stops firing. This is what happens with most coils even the genuine coil, they are  running at 20,000kv and this not enough spark for a performance engine.

If you drive a performance car you may have already struck this problem. The most popular way to fix it is to reduce the spark gap so that the spark doesn’t have as far to jump. This is the usual remedy also used to make your Gas burning engines run better with less backfires. This does work, however reducing the plug gap also reduces the current required to fire the plug, and in turn reduces the intensity of the spark thus in turn robbing the engine of most of its potential. This is where you need your mechanic to help you work out the plug and the gap scenario that you need.

A high output coil on the other hand, produces a more intense spark and uses less power to do this, in turn allowing for the plug gap to be increased to a wider setting in turn improving burning. More spark more power equals more torque and performance.

With Autotrad’s solid construction using Ceramic wiring and the best Japonic resin to hold it all together you can be sure of performance and the longevity to go with it

You can try different gap settings and spark plug combinations with a set of our new Autotrad “Drifter”coil. With a rating of 40kv you can be sure they will light up.

testing autotrad coils
Testing Autotrad coils


Warranty: 24mths 100,000ks

Delivery: We post every day and freight is FREE!


WARNING: The description of the product is to be used as a guide only. It is the buyers responsibility to determine the correct suitability and application of the product to suit their needs or requirements. Check the pictures of the coils for a better idea.
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